All-around graphic design
Responsible for all graphic design development and production at fintech company five°degrees, I incorporated the brand indentity into every visual aspect in their marketing materials. This ranged from website visuals, blog posts, marketing emails (internal and external), research papers, printed materials, booth designs for events, merchandise, cards, certificates, and everything in between.
Product design
I developed designs for various different products incorporating the five°degrees branding. These products included clothing, accessories, bags, beer labels, cookie packaging, client gifts, and even a pinball machine design.
The five°degrees brand style is minimal and straightforward. In a complicated industry of finance and technology, they strive to stand out as being clear, honest, and easy to communicate with. This is translated in their visual branding with a mostly monotone color palette, bold text, and using the degrees symbol (or variations of it) as the main visual element.
Social media strategy & content production
For the social media strategy of five°degrees, I designed visuals fitting to each platform and its audience: on LinkedIn and Facebook the posts announce new partners, accomplishments or job vacancies, so the visual style is more corporate and professional. On the company Instagram page, I used more color and playfulness to showcase the daily office life since the platform is more casual.
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