Competition branding concept, logo design, & visual designs
Kings of Advidi was a competition held for Advidi clients. Affiliate marketers were eligible to compete over a 2 month period, at the end of which the top winners were flown out to Amsterdam to celebrate during Kingsday (one of the biggest celebrations in The Netherlands of the year). The prize included a full hotel stay at the artistic INK hotel, a private boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam during Kingsday, and exclusive talks hosted at the Advidi office with guest speakers.
Kingsday is the Dutch celebration of the King's birthday. The entire country dresses in orange, the royal Dutch color, and celebrates with parties in every city. Keeping in line with the theme of the Advidi Adventure competition, the visual style for this competition was based on graphic line drawings and incorporated a gradient (this time of purple to orange, the royal Dutch colors). The icon for each category is represented by an important Dutch building or palace: the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the Noordeinde Paleis, Soestdijk Paleis, etc.
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