Mixed media installation

At Johnson's Island, RIP (vol.1) was an exhibition inspired by the idea of a fictional murder. We collectively created a shrine in remembrance of the victim, composed of candles, incense, flowers, trinkets, and framed photographs. We used a humorous take on the dark idea of murder to poke fun at it, and make the topic seem more lighthearted and approachable. The exhibition was seen as a mock funeral.

In our shrine we included cocktail umbrellas, glitter, and stock photos of women eating salad. We chose these photos to highlight the ridiculous hilarity of how happy these women look while eating leaves of lettuce. It also hinted that we are mourning a fictional character that simply loved eating salad. We also prepared phrases to read out about how hated the victim was and how they will not be sorely missed. We describe how her laugh was annoying and she acted condescending in class.

I made 2 individual pieces: one was a series of drawings of everyday objects that have been used in a murder, such as a stiletto shoe or a corkscrew; the other was the Secret Book of Anger, a notebook in which I wrote with invisible ink every time I was angry. Under a blacklight, the ink is visible. We also handmade voodoo dolls with pins for the public to stick in them. Many of the works were focused on planning a murder, or anger, as opposed to the act of murdering itself.

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