Video projection
Held at the Arch Collective in Bermondsey, The Recollective was an exhibition based on memory and documentation. Each contributing artist responded to the subject in their own way, bringing forth unique interpretations. I exhibited a series of Infinity videos, featuring footage of Copenhagen, Singapore and Seoul mirrored into a kaleidoscopic effect.

We discussed concepts of memory and documentation in the group, exploring how despite memory being so personal and specific to each person, we find similarities in other people's memories and relate them to our own. We find human connections in our experiences, and imagine their memories as if we were them. My videos explore the distortion that takes place in our minds. We also have a fascination with documentation when it comes to our memories; we must quantify them to somehow confirm their existence, prolong it, and share them with others. We save concert ticket stubs, we look over old photographs, we display memorabilia in our home to remind us of these moments. It's almost like we're collecting our memories in a physical way.

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