Installation with video projection and photographs

As my grandmother, Doralina, showed me old photographs and told stories from her younger years, I almost didn't recognize the woman in the photos. She looked so different to the woman I've always known as my grandmother. She's lived an entire different life before I was born, and I explored it through her memory. This video installation features two videos on a loop. Initially it was one full video projected on top of the old photographs, contrasting her present self with her younger self. As the project evolved, I related more to it through location, and thus found it more fitting to show both videos simultaneously. One video is of Dora explaining her past, and the other video depicts scenes of her beach house in Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil, which we visit every year since I was born. The house has a strong connection to the current Dora I know, as I have always associated her with it. The video captures tranquil moments around the house, while in the other video she speaks animatedly.

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