Menu design & production
The Vape Emporium specialize in selling and informing customers with the latest premium electronic cigarettes and e-liquids available in the UK. They pride themselves in providing friendly customer service and in providing the highest quality products on the market.
An important part of branding for The Vape Emporium was to design and create menus fitting with their old-school, vintage, industrial identity. We stripped old National Geographic magazines and placed the menu with e-liquid flavors inside the covers. The menus were tied together with royal purple ribbons - the official brand color. Many customers who entered the shop are first-time e-cigarette customers, confronted with a lot of information about the product that can be overwhelming. The design is simple and clean, making the task of choosing an e-liquid flavor straightforward and clear. The initial pages also included infographics with beginners' advice for new e-cigarette users, including general tips on common problems found with devices - and how to solve them.
My role was to develop the digital designs and manually construct menus for both the Hampstead and Richmond stores.
Display design & illustration
I re-designed the window displays of the Vape Emporium shops using on-brand vintage, industrial objects. I built small wooden platforms to highlight the products on a higher level, and adorned the displays with vintage objects such as rusted clocks, dials, chains, radios, and lightbulbs. I designed hand-written signs on reclaimed wood describing the store's opening hours, labels for different categories of the displays, information about the employees, tips on vaping equipment, recommendations of the week, etc. The final touch in the Richmond shop was to create a cloud installation hanging above the display.
In addition to the shop displays, I also designed unique labels for each employee's scanning card. Each design incorporated a different color and style to reflect the user's personality. Their analog nature celebrates the little imperfections in the hand-drawn lines.

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