Photography styling, planning, production & post-production
A large part of Advidi's sales strategy is promotion at affiliate marketing industry events, where most companies use tech-focused booth designs. To stand out from the competition, they adopted striking visual campaigns for each conference they attended. Recreating iconic movie or tv posters, they used the visual materials not only pre-event to generate some buzz but also as their booth designs. Creating this connection with pop culture reinforced the image that Advidi were creative front-runners in the industry.

Although the adrenaline-fueled remake of post-apocalyptic Mad Max takes place in Australia, the desert of Nevada was the perfect setting to use this film as inspiration for Advidi's team attending Affiliate Summit West 2018, an affiliate marketing conference in Las Vegas. The Ad Max team was styled to fit the characters of the Mad Max War Boys: leather belts, studded gloves, layers of desert attire, and white face paint brought the grittiness of Fury Road to life.
Adverthaising Warriors
To promote the Advidi sales team attending Affiliate World Asia 2017, an affiliate marketing conference taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, the Adverthaising Warriors campaign was developed. I drew on elements from traditional fighter video game aesthetics and kung-fu spirit animals. Each member of the team was given a unique landscape and animal as a dual identity.
Ad Men
For Affiliate Summit East 2017, an Affiliate Marketing conference taking place in New York City, I styled the sales team of Advidi in dapper suits to recreate the sophisticated vibe of Mad Men's advertising executives. Complete with whiskey glasses, cigarettes, and intense businessman stares, our take on the theme translated to the Ad Men, perfectly fitting with the famed tv show as the sales team deal with internet advertising on a daily basis.
In preparation for Affiliate World Europe 2017, an affiliate marketing conference taking place in Berlin, I created this campaign with The Fast and The Furious series as inspiration. Advidi's sales team embodied the theme of car racing. This further tied into another event taking place at the same time: The Berlin Rally. Members from the industry were invited to race luxury supercars from Amsterdam to Berlin, enjoying the lack of a speed limit on the autobahn.

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