Nice to meet you! My name is Bruna Souza. I'm a multidisciplinary designer and artist. Although I currently live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I'm originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I have a background of 8+ years working as a creative designer, and I graduated with a Fine Arts Bachelor's Degree from University of the Arts in London.

When it comes to my work as an artist and designer, I'm passionate about creating and sharing human experiences through visual language; using art, design, photography, video and interaction. Whether it's capturing the dusty colors of a desert, the shimmer of an ocean wave, the taste of a delicious dish - I love sharing beautiful and impactful human experiences with others. I use my expertise to help you express yourself visually.

I specialize in branding but I have experience in graphic design (digital and print), product design, illustration, web design, multimedia installation, photography, video and events. I believe mixing different media creates more immersive experiences for viewers.

If you'd like to chat about a possible art project or collaboration, just reach out and let's plan a coffee.


Creative direction
Graphic design
Website design
UX/UI consultation & optimization
Example deliverables

Brand identity development
Brand strategy plan
Brand visuals
Social media
Digital & printed documents
Book covers

Who I've worked with
What others say about my work
“Through our collaboration, Bruna created a logo/brand that elevated Music Club and made me feel like it's a legit thing! It felt very cohesive and well thought-out. As someone new to this experience, I felt well guided & directed and trusted I was in good hands :)”

- Lora Larson-Miller, Music Club Founder
“It was wonderful to work with Bruna. She’s very creative and has a strong sense of aesthetics. We were extremely happy and proud of the brand identity and design elements she created for us.”

- Dana Zukerman, Cannabis Career Product Manager
“I had a fantastic experience. I am so super happy about my website and logo....I just LOVE IT. Bruna SO delivered on the brief and then some.”

- Zulfi Malik, Qualia Quest Founder


Bachelor (Hons) in Fine Arts - Chelsea College of Art and Design (University of the Arts London)
Art & Design Foundation - Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London)
International Baccalaureate - International School of Amsterdam

Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship we have as humans to the world around us; how we interact with each other as a society, and how we relate to the contrasts of nature and technology. Coming from a Brazilian and Dutch background, a significant part of my work is influenced by multiculturalism, globalization, and hybrid cultures. I fuse local and global influences to create something from my own unique perspective. Within this subject matter, I explore ideas of infinity, repetition, memory, psychedelia, and the sublime in nature.
Through mixed media, each project I undertake explores a different material or method: video, photography, sculpture, illustration, or multi-media installation. The variety I experiment with also embodies the multiplicity of the world; the abundance of choice and possibility that is sometimes stimulating, and at other times overwhelming.


• 2022 •
February - Elles Mitraillent at 59 Rivoli gallery in Paris, France
March - Palavras Brasileiras (solo exhibition) at the Brazilian Consulate in Amsterdam, NL
September - The Power of Collaboration at NDSM Treehouse in Amsterdam, NL

• 2021 •
July - Art'in Lima exhibition at CIPVV in Ponte de Lima, Portugal
October - Ouvirandô exhibition at Brazilian Consulate in Amsterdam, NL

• 2020 •
July - Best Shot at Blank Wall Gallery, online
June - O Tempo Não Para (Time Doesn't Stop) at Hecklectik Gallery, online

• 2019 •
November - Cruzeiro do Sul at The Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts, Amsterdam, NL

• 2015 •
August - The Waiting Room at AGORA, Berlin, Germany
August - 3AM at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany
June - BA Fine Art Degree Show at Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

• 2014 •
November - Translations exhibition at Chelsea College of Art, London, UK
March - Recollective Exhibition at the Arch Collective, London, UK
March - RIP (vol. 1) Exhibition at Johnson’s Island Gallery, London, UK
January - Hookdown Exhibition at the Portico Gallery, London, UK

• 2013 •
March - Roundhouse Exhibition at the Roundhouse Myatts Fields, London, UK

• 2012 •
December - BA Year 1 Winter Exhibition, London, UK
June - CSM Foundation Showcase, London, UK

• 2011 •
May - ISA IB Visual Arts Exhibition, Amsterdam, NL