Intervention & installation with video projection, mixed media
Our collective of 4 members inhabited a little octagonal hut in the center of a park. For 3 days, we brought materials in and treated the roundhouse as a creative space to make work in. On the final day, we exhibited a video of our experiences and each of us produced a piece of some sort individually as well as collaborating in the installation.
During the live-in, we created a fishbowl of ideas and once an hour we would draw one and use it as an activity to inspire our work. The ideas included drawing exercises, interacting with people in the park, or collecting natural materials from the park itself and creating something with it.
Throughout the experience, I recorded our conversations and at the end of each day would note down the phrases that stood out, or thoughts we repeated. I made them into a Roundhouse booklet, like a glimpse inside our heads with ongoing thoughts narrating our experience.
Collaboratively, we presented the fishbowl of ideas, a printed version of our online conversations about/during the project, a video filmed throughout the occupation, and we lined the bench with fake grass. During the immersive occupation, being inside a hut with surrounding windows felt as if we were simply outside in the grass. We treated the brown bench as the dirt that would grow grass, and with fake grass we brought the outside indoors.
Video edited by Maria Luisa Sanín Peña
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