3D digital art exhibition
O Tempo Não Para/Time Doesn't Stop was a collaborative digital exhibition on the Heclectik Galeria website (https://www.heclectik-art.com/). Visitors could navigate through the 3D gallery to explore the work of artists from around the world. I exhibited 2 pieces from Radiate, one of my digital photographic series.

The exhibition took place in June 2020 in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, when most art galleries across the world were shut. This dedicated digital space allowed artists to come together and share their work despite the physical barriers imposed upon our society due to the pandemic restrictions. When facing difficult situations, we adapt and find new ways to express ourselves - ways to maintain human contact, to share points of view, and to create new experiences, such as virtual art galleries. The exhibition title evokes how despite the world being at an apparent stand-still, time doesn't stop; the world keeps turning, and society can continue if we find a way to navigate these strange waters.

As the effects of isolation started to take their toll on our society, many people turned to the arts as an outlet, a form of solace and as emotional comfort: listening to music, watching movies or tv shows, reading, creating art. These difficult situations remind us of some things that we are deeply passionate about but that perhaps can be taken for granted, or seen as non-essential. We need to work most of the week so we can have enough money to support ourselves, to pay the rent and to feed our families. We work for our survival. Anything other than that can mistakenly be considered "extra", "unnecessary", or "non-essential" in our capitalist culture. But we must also remind ourselves that we are not machines destined to work as much as possible, be productive 24/7, achieve, succeed, produce, and repeat. We are human beings. We have desires and emotions, we seek human experiences. Art is a human expression of the soul and can manifest itself in millions of ways, enriching our experience here on earth. It is just as essential to our sanity as the food we work so hard to feed ourselves.

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