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The Recycle Jungle is a community plant and object exchange project. It's a movement that recycles used containers into new homes for plants. We inspire others to think creatively about objects they would discard, instead turning it into a new pot to plant something in. The Recycle Jungle invites people to contribute their objects and plants to the project, adding to the Jungle collection. The exchange continues as people who participate are welcome to take one of the new plant objects home.

This personal project started as a sustainable initiative to bring the community together, recycle used objects, encourage gardening as a hobby, and to spark circular thinking. The project developed into an art exhibition held at NDSM Treehouse, a communal exhibition with other artists about The Power of Collaboration. Workshops were also developed alongside the exhibition, which have continued in other settings such as De Sering community center.

The brand identity I developed for this project used a natural color palette to suit the natural materials involved: plants, water, soil. The logo design is loose and playful, a visual expression of the playful mentality the project encourages in its participants. The website is simple, with the main purpose to inform participants and display the collection of plant objects. Extra printed materials were also designed for the exhibition, such as flyers and a catalogue.

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