Photography, design collage

OFFF Festival is a 3-day creative event taking place in Barcelona. Some of the most innovative designers, animators, illustrators and other creatives come together and share their experiences. I heard stories of amazing successes, embarassing tales of failures, saw artworks that are intimidatingly good and watched studio founders share their own humbling journey beginnings.

Amongst all of this inspiration, I created a photo series about the experience of OFFF. I asked participants to share some thoughts in their own writing, whether it be something that inspired them from the event, a reason they came, or something they suggest could be improved next time. This series is a result of these conversations, with the participants' text superimposed in their portraits.

Thank you to João Delicado for helping me form the concept, and thank you to all the participants for the lovely conversations.

Malena - "¡Equivalencia de géneros!" (Gender equality!)

Sebastian - "Openness to support is not a weakness"

Caro - "We need more diverse voices on the main OFFF stages!"

Tom - "Keep coming back because love being surrounded by like minded creative people"

Bav - "Bringing diverse communities together"

Tom - "Like creative pebbles bouncing off each other & changing for the better"

Danielle - "More representation in design!"

Hubertus - "I came here to get inspired, but I got schooled"

Flor - "I want to bake my designs hotter than the frozen burger I ate this noon"

Thomas - "Use your heart"

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