Guest on Adobe Live livestream videos

Poster Design Therapy
Designing text-based posters on the spot inspired by notes and reflections from therapy sessions. Sharing Illustrator tips on using gradients, blend shapes, and text composition. Hosted by Maddy Moss.

The latest in Illustrator and Adobe Express
We explore the latest updates in Illustrator, using AI generative recolor to create 3 different variations of a brand identity. Hosted by Lucie Bourboulon.

The latest in Photoshop and Adobe Express
Taking the brand identities created in the Illustrator Updates livestream, we create an ad experimenting with Photoshop's AI image fill generator and transfer it to Express. Hosted by Joe Allam.

Create Simple Geometric Shapes
Designing the foundation for a brand identity inspired by hieroglyphics. Sharing Illustrator tips on creating geometric shapes with zigzag, blend & pucker tools, and combining that into the base of a brand identity. All inspired by a recent trip to Egypt. Hosted by Liz Mosley.

Portfolio Review at OFFF Fest Barcelona 2022
A review of my design and art portfolio at the Adobe Livestream stand at OFFF design festival, Barcelona, 2022. Hosted by Melanie Daveid and Tim Möbest.

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