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Cannabis Career are a certified educational training program for coffeeshops (cannabis dispensaries in the Netherlands) and their employees. The organization have been well-established for many years, yet their branding hadn't been updated. The client brief requested a new brand identity: working within the cannabis industry, their audience is laid back and down-to-earth; but as an educational institution, they also want to maintain a level of professionalism. The client also has ambitions to scale the business on and offline, so the branding needed to allow flexibility for future growth.

With brand strategy sessions, we developed a strong foundation for the new Cannabis Career brand identity in their vision and mission. We constructed a visual identity suitable for an educational organization within the cannabis industry. The structured logo hints towards their scientific roots, while the organic illustrations of cannabis plants used throughout the branding contrast to provide some playfulness. The color palette uses mostly authoritative forest green and clean mint green, while a bold accent yellow creates dynamic compositions in contrast. We redesigned the website completely: we clarified the page structure, optimized the user journey and updated the visual design to fit the new brand identity. We also photographed employee portraits and team photos.

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