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Music is a huge passion of mine. I've curated playlists for all sorts of music genres in a series called "Brew", also used as my nickname. Each playlist is a different musical brew. To fit each one, I created a series of branded album cover art for these playlists on Spotify.

The style of this brand identity uses vibrant color gradients. Each playlist has a different color gradient that suits that playlist's genre, in general with the calmer tempo playlists using softer color palettes and the more upbeat genres using bolder, vivid color combinations. This was an interesting exercise to express how audio can be visualized; considering what kinds of emotions or feelings certain music genres stimulates and how that can be represented through color.

The title font chosen is Ohno Blazeface 18 Point, a wavy retro title font with lots of personality. With the revival of 70's-style fonts seen in 2020's graphic design trends lately, this font simultaneously works for old school playlists from previous decades, while matching modern genres at the same time.

The icons are customized per playlist in a hand-drawn style, and grain textures tie all the designs together with a vintage feel, offering a timelessness to this collection of album covers.

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