Digital art
Poster design
This collection is a series of poster designs using typography and abstract visuals. The text is based on a collection of notes I've taken over the past few years: random thoughts, realizations, and insights. Many were manifested after therapy sessions. I would discuss so many things in these sessions and reflect a lot afterwards, so taking notes helped me to process everything. In these posters I explore different visualizations that can complement or represent the text in each poster.

The theme of reflecting on ourselves is important to me because I believe we all struggle. Struggling is part of the human experience. We all struggle with something different, but there's a comfort that comes from realising that this is a universal experience. And discussing these topics is important because it can be therapeutic to get it out. Speaking to others may help you process your struggles as you hear their experiences. It can help you not feel so isolated. Maybe you can learn some perspective or useful tips to help you cope with your struggles.

There is strength and value in human connection. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds but we forget that the world isn't only about us. We don't live in this world alone. Interacting with others is not only necessary, but can bring so much richness to our lives. We can learn from each other, have fun together, enjoy life more fully. To be human is to care, to have a conscience, to be aware. We can live much more fulfilling lives if we create meaningful connections to the people and the world around us.

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