Kaboom Animation Festival teamed up with Animated Women for an animated poster open call. My submission was inspired by my beautiful home country of Brasil.

When I think of home, I see specific scenes, sounds, smells and tastes in my memory: the jungle noise of crickets, the comforting sticky heat, soft sounds of bossa nova music echoing through the open window out into the backyard. Rocking back and forth in a hammock, my sisters chatting, the sizzling smells and sounds of lunch cooking, the clouds drifting lazily in the distance. The rhythmic waves at the beach, the sounds of vendors calling out as they roll their food and drink carts across the sand. The delicious fresh coconuts that get more expensive every time I visit, the smell of grilled meats, the heat of the sun rays on my skin.

When I think of home, I see and feel these memories, and I'm transported back. Suspended for a moment in time.

For this animation, I tried to capture the essence of each scene as the memories live in my head. The audio is just as important to recreate the experience of each moment. Some of the audio is taken from clips I recorded on my latest trip to Brazil. If you listen closely, you can hear my sisters chatting in the background. I also used textures and grainy transitions to represent how the fragmented pieces exist in a memory and what it feels like when we recall these ideas in our minds.

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