Mixed media: laser-cut wood, acrylic, resin, & soap

Hybrid is a project inspired by the idea of a fictional civilization. Based on a fusion of cultures, the abstract geometric patterns and embellishments are a representation of my unique interpretation of culture. The markings could belong to a foreign civilization that was undiscovered until now.

Suspended on a clear shelf, the engraved wooden objects allude to ancient artefacts displayed in glass cases in museums. Displaying the piece suspended above as the viewer walks underneath forces them to look upwards, as if the alien objects are floating in midair above them. The glints of blue and gleaming reflections suggest a futuristic origin, along with the unusual material of soap forming crystal-like foreign rocks. Hybrid is a manifestation of fiction, of culture and nonexistent culture, of ancient and futuristic in my imagination.

This piece was exhibited at the BA Fine Arts Degree Show 2015, at Chelsea College of Art & Design.

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